Always Protected.
Always Connected.®

The GDS® platform provides protection, charging, and data sync capabilities across a wide range of phones and tablets, making it a perfect solution for business applications like agriculture, fleet transportation, material handling, and much more. With GDS® Compatible IntelliSkin® protective sleeves, GDS® Docks, and GDS® Ecosystem accessories, simplify the process of scaling and upgrading devices while taking advantage of a standardized charging ecosystem. Explore top GDS® Technology solutions below.

Pogo Pin

Ruggedized GDS® Tech pogo pins are specifically designed to ensure compatibility across IntelliSkin® sleeves and the rest of the GDS® Ecosystem – including adapters, docks, chargers, keyboards, monitors, speakers, and more. Rely on pogo pin technology to protect device ports from constant plugging and unplugging.

Future Proof
& Scalable

The modularity of GDS® vehicle docks provide the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions for tablets, including inevitable future device upgrades. With interchangeable dock cups, it’s easy to modify existing GDS® Docks to work with new devices enabled with compatible IntelliSkin® sleeves.


IntelliSkin® provides GDS® charging capabilities and military-grade drop protection for a variety of phones and tablets. By simplifying the frequent docking and undocking of consumer-oriented devices in business and field applications, extend the life of phones and tablets in any application.

Drop Protection

Having passed rigorous military-grade spec tests for withstanding shock and impact, IntelliSkin® sleeves are MIL-STD-810G drop protection certified. That means peace of mind and protection from costly phone and tablet drops.

Ruggedized Versions

IntelliSkin® HD offers a rugged outer shell for additional drop protection in the most demanding environments. Accessories allow users to take devices on the go, ideal for verticals like commercial fleets, government, public safety, work trucks, and more.

Future Proof

As devices evolve, IntelliSkin® and GDS® Tech provides scalability and enables users to deploy devices with one standard for charging and data syncing. With interchangeable top cups, upgrade devices without having to replace GDS® Docks.

IntelliSkin® for Phones

IntelliSkin® for Tablets



The GDS® Ecosystem offers everything to keep your devices protected, connected, and charged in nearly any application. Ruggedized GDS® Technology pogo pins ensure compatibility across IntelliSkin® sleeves, GDS® Docks, adapters, chargers, keyboards, speakers, monitors, and more. Most products in the GDS® Ecosystem are RAM® Mounts Compatible, so you can rely on the RAM® double ball and socket system for adjustability, durability, and vibration damping.


GDS® Docks

GDS® Ergo

GDS® Hub

Bring the GDS® Ecosystem together and power your workflow with numerous ports to ensure all your tech is working seamlessly.


GDS® View

This anti-glare, two-point capacitive touchscreen is packed with features that make it ideal for in-vehicle use.

GDS® Keyboard

RAM® Mounts Compatible GDS® keyboard solutions provide durability and reliability for your mobile workstation.


GDS® Audio

Enhance your device’s sound with this wired speaker that can easily be secured with a number of RAM® mounting brackets.