The RAM-160-1 Vehicle No Drill Seat Rail Base includes a Single 6″ Swing Arms with ball and socket end, on an 18″ pipe in a pedestal post.


The base of this No Drill vehicle mount is designed to mount to the front two bolts of the front passenger side seat. The double ‘feet’ base fit between the floor and seat rail of the passenger seat, using the existing seat bolts for mounting.

Once in place, the pedestal post with pipe is positioned to the left side of the passengers seat, given them maximum leg room. The pedestal includes an 18″ long post which can be raised and lowered within the pedestal to a height from 22″ to 27 1/2″.

There are two (2) tightening knobs on the side of the pedestal. One knob is used to clamp around the 18″ pipe and the other, found at the base, allows the pedestal to clamp around the post of the base foot. On the side of the pedestal is a support arm that connects to the small track on second base foot. The track enables the two (2) feet to attach to seat rails set at a distance of 12 1/4″ up to 17″ apart.

When you are not using this vehicle mount, you can easily remove it from your vehicle by loosening the tightening knob at the base of the pedestal and sliding the support arm out of the foot track. This will leave only the base feet connected to your seat rails bolts.