RAM® Pod HD™ Vehicle Mount with 12″ Aluminum Rod and Double Socket Arm

Blending the best of versatility, strength and installation ease; the RAM POD HD is a workhorse for fleet and serious consumers alike. Compatible with a wide range of vehicles and simple to install, the RAM ToughPod HD is an ideal solution for mounting tablets, small laptops and other similar devices. Requiring minimal space in the vehicle cab, it can be remove quickly without the use of tools. The versatility of the RAM ToughPod HD makes it an ideal solution for mixed vehicle fleets, consumer vehicles of all types and other applications which require a robust mounting platform for your tablet. The RAM-316-HD-NBU will accommodate all 1.5″ dia. ball bases and mounts.

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Ball and socket size

C Size 1.5" (Holds 4 lbs)

Mount Function

Floor Mount

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