RAM® Double Ball Yoke Mount with Angled Plate & Garmin Mounting Hardware

The RAM yoke mount, with extension plate, consists of the 1″ dia. ball and socket system with RAM Universal 2.5″ diameter Plate and connection hardware. This mount is designed to be a universal mounting solution for both RAM and non-RAM designed products. The hole pattern found on the 2.5″ Plate will connect to a large variety of third party cradles and mounts.

SKU: RAM-B-125-G1U Category:

Ball and socket size

B Size 1" (Holds 2 lbs)


Hole pattern

AMPS 2-Hole, AMPS 4-Hole

Socket arm length

Medium arm

Solution type




Garmin GPSMAP 172-250Garmin StreetPilot III


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