RAM® Double Ball Yoke Clamp Mount with Angled Extension Plate

The RAM-B-125U consists of a yoke clamp base, standard length double socket arm and angled extension plate that contains the universal AMPs hole pattern. The yoke clamp base will fit rails in diameter from 0.625″ to a maximum of 1.25″. The 1″ rubber ball is at a right angle to the plane of the mount; when connected to a rail, the ball sits parallel to the rail. Originally designed to position your GPS in front of the yoke on your plane, the angled extension plate can also be used in many other applications. The mounting section of the plate is 2.5″ square, pre-drilled holes for many different screw hole patterns, including the universal AMPS hole pattern and all RAM made cradles. The connection section extends approximately 2.25″ forward, at a 45 degree angle, from the center of the 1″ ball and approximately 1.5” above the 1″ ball (to the bottom of the connection section of the plate). The mount is designed with a RAM 1″ diameter patented rubber ball and socket system that has adjustment points at both ends of the double socket arm, allowing for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles.

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Ball and socket size

B Size 1" (Holds 2 lbs)

Hole pattern

AMPS 2-Hole, AMPS 4-Hole

Mount Function

Flat Edge Clamp, Handlebar/Rail

Socket arm length

Medium arm

Solution type


Transport type



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